Thanks, that was fun!

Twitoaster was a Twitter application that threaded and archived your conversations, bringing you the context and analytics you needed to better engage with your followers.

After I joined Twitter in July 2010, finding the time and resources to maintain Twitoaster became increasingly difficult. With conversations and Analytics eventually becoming part of Twitter core product offering, there really wasn't much interest in keeping Twitoaster alive. the Toaster had to be unplug.

I had an amazing time developing, growing, and scaling Twitoaster. Thanks again for sharing this ride with me!

I'll tell you the site that saved my bacon. We finally hit gold with yet another one of those third-party Web sites: Twitoaster.

David Pogue The New York Times

Combination of search, archiving, analytics and visual way of better following conversation threads makes Twitoaster a great tool.

Christina Warren Mashable

All the replies are prettily aggregated together in an uninterrupted stream. Brilliant!

Jolie O'Dell Read Write Web

Twitoaster makes it easier to find people's threaded conversations or specific words mentioned in tweets.

Jennifer Martinez Giga OM

Several Twitter third-party apps are much better at doing conversations. One of those is an app called Twitoaster. And its creator just got hired by Twitter.

MG Siegler TechCrunch

Twitoaster keeps track of Twitter conversations; it shows who has answered your tweets and extracts images and links out of replies.

Kim-Mai Cutler VentureBeat